Your Quick Guide To Equity Release

The 5 minute read which could transform your retirement

The 5 minute read which could transform your retirement

The Equity Release Guide

Forget what you have seen in the slick TV ads or the newspapers – our Equity Release Guide gives you everything you need to know. It is a no-nonsense, plain English booklet that takes less than 5 minutes to read.

In this quick guide to equity release, you will find the answers to:

  • What is equity release?
  • What can I use equity release for?
  • Am I eligible?
  • The types of equity release
  • How much can I borrow?
  • I already have an equity release plan, can I switch?
  • Is equity release right for me?

Our guide discusses the downsides as well as the benefits so that you get a full understanding of equity release. By the end of this guide, you will know whether it is something you want to consider, either now or later in retirement.

Have you already been thinking about equity release? Perhaps for yourself, or maybe for your parents or other relatives. Either way, it can be a sensitive topic to discuss with family.

This guide can help – send a copy to your loved ones and ask that they read it. Many people find that, with the right information, their family are more than happy for equity release to be used for a better retirement.

The guide is free to download and only takes a few minutes to read, but it could prove life-changing for you and your retirement.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one! 

If, after reading the guide, you are still interested in equity release then we would love to hear from you. How refreshingly simple!

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